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What the Experience of Awe Does for Us

“Awe gives you an existential shock. You realize that you are hardwired to be a little selfish, but you are also dependent on something bigger than yourself... Robert Leahy, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist...sees awe as a cousin to appreciation and gratitude, and links these to the experiences often found in places of worship, where architecture, music, and prayer conspire to draw attendees outside of themselves..."[Read Article]

Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

The Loss of Wonder

"Our ability to access information is becoming nearly unlimited. It’s an amazing human achievement that is a testament to our cleverness and to the power of applied math and engineering. But what does the loss of that gap in time between wondering and knowing mean to your brain? Soon, with the right kind of brain interface we may even be able to think of a question and the answer will pop into our heads. Then it’s goodbye to the wonder gap..." [Read Article]