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Overcoming ‘Psychic Numbing’

"We all can relate to the saying 'One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.' Our sympathy for suffering and loss declines precipitously when we are presented with increasing numbers of victims... We need to be alert to how psychic numbing... lead[s] us to act in ways contrary to our values... Addressing catastrophes like climate change, mass terrorist attacks and refugee crises may be beyond our reach unless we come to terms with how our minds perform the arithmetic of compassion." [Read Article]
Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

6 Keys to Keeping a Marriage Alive in Terrible Times

"It had only been a few months since our son died, and I was depressed and desperately missing him... Eventually, every marriage is tested to some degree. Maybe through financial troubles, infidelity, loss of a job, a spouse who is checked out, emotional issues due to childhood trauma or health problems... We certainly don't have it all figured out, and we struggle just like everyone else. But here are a few things we’ve learned about maintaining our marriage through this terrible time..." [Read Article]