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No Simple Answers for Those Who Suffer

"When my husband recently challenged someone who said that our son's pain happened 'for a reason,' she told him that he had to keep a positive attitude. But I don't think that believing his pain is part of a plan—of God, as this person believes, or of fate—is positive. It is fatalistic. It means that it has appeared for a reason and it will go away for a reason, and there is little that can be done about it. It makes the person in pain a victim who can only suffer, like Job, who could do nothing to escape his fate." [Read Article]
Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

Lorenzo Albacete on the Mystery of Suffering

"The cruelest response to suffering is the attempt to explain it away, to tell the one who suffers: 'This is why this is happening.'  ... Mystery's answer to suffering is always grace—a free grace that comes to us without conditions, without rationalizations, without explanations. Suffering can be relieved by the co-sufferer only when the co-sufferer can bring the suffering person into contact with grace and into the experience of being loved..." [Read Article]