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Happiness Is Not a Solo Enterprise

"It has become increasingly apparent to me that happiness comes from 'with' as much as it comes from 'within.' ...Cultivating connections is life-enhancing and helps buffer against stress. Building a strong connection to a social group has been shown to help people with depression recover and prevent relapse. The benefits of social activity for the elderly abound as well... Resilience does not come from willpower or grit; it comes from relationships and hope. [Read Article]
Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

Does Adversity Harden Hearts or Warm Them?

"Adversity is associated with many types of negative psychological outcomes: anxiety, depression and, most notably, blunted emotional responding. It has also been tied to the beliefs that the world is not benevolent and that life is not meaningful. This seems like a recipe for a lack of kindness. And yet, despite what such studies imply, there are many cases in which adversity undeniably elicits compassion..." [Read Article]