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The Social Self: How Relationships Affect Our Immune System

"Somewhere in our brains we carry a map of our relationships. It is our mother’s lap, our best friend’s holding hand, our lover’s embrace — all these we carry within ourselves when we are alone. Just knowing that these are there to hold us if we fall gives us a sense of peace... Social psychologists call this sense embeddedness. The opposite is perhaps a more familiar term — we call it loneliness." [Read Article]
Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

What Each Person in a Relationship Needs to Feel Loved

"If there is one ingredient that determines whether or not a relationship will be successful, that ingredient is listening—the degree to which each partner feels listened to and truly known. Couples that can listen to each other in a satisfying way usually succeed, while those that can’t usually fail. Ultimately, we can only feel loved to the degree that we feel listened to." [Read Article]