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NYC’s Mental Health Crisis: “The Problem Is Not Sad People”

"ThriveNYC is a something-for-everyone plan designed to encourage the mental well-being of all New Yorkers, as opposed to delivering treatment to the most seriously mentally ill... Mayor De Blasio justifies this lack of focus by claiming that everything from economic adversity to neighborhood violence to divorce are threats to mental health... While this laundry list of unfortunate outcomes may in fact make a particular individual feel unhappy, they aren’t the root cause of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, the two mental illnesses frequently found in the homeless, hospitalized, incarcerated, and violent." [Read Article]
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Is the Mental Illness Epidemic Real?

"According to one study, about 50 percent of Americans will meet the criteria for at least one mental illness... within their lifetimes. That’s a stunning number—and one that more than a few experts view skeptically... This does not mean that all concerns about mental illness are overblown—the problem is a misplaced use of resources, as non-illnesses become overdiagnosed, and more serious illnesses are left untreated." [Read Article]
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8 Movies That Powerfully Depict Living With Mental Illness

Depictions of living with mental illness in movies are a mixed bag. For every portrait of depression that's nuanced and realistic, there's Glenn Close boiling a bunny in Fatal Attraction... That's what makes the movies that get it right all the more valuable. They're neither wholly positive or negative, just as living with mental illness has ebbs and flows. They're striking portraits, and examples of what we need more of in Hollywood. Here are eight that stand out as exemplary of their form. [Read Article]