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5 Ways of Coping When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

" the aftermath of his cancer diagnosis, Jimmy Carter, a devoutly religious man, has publicly relied on his faith to help him make sense of his illness... Cancer did not cause Carter nor his friends to revise their faith- in fact, it seems to have deepened it. They are hoping to understand how cancer fits into the plan for his life... 'When you get into a tough situation and you don’t know what God’s plan is, you should bow the knee.'" [Read Article]
Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

Signifying Nothing: Why Science Can’t Compete With Religion

"When followers of naturalism (such as scientists and humanists) face the question of whether life has transcendent meaning, they typically answer 'no, at least not any that humans can discern..." Are traditional religions advantaged over naturalistic philosophies by virtue of their claim to provide such meaning, and if so, is this an advantage that they will always maintain?" [Read Article]