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The Lessons of George Bell’s Lonely Death

"Rummaging through the personal effects of the dead... The work changes people, and it has changed these men. Mr. Rodriguez, 57 and divorced, has a greater sense of urgency. 'I try to build a life like it’s the last day' ...Juan Plaza, another investigator, says the solitude of so many deaths wears on him. He is 52, also divorced, and without children, but he keeps expanding his base of friends. Every day, he sends them motivational Instagram messages: 'With each sunrise, may we value every minute'; 'Be kind, smile to the world and it will smile back'; 'Share your life with loved ones'; 'Love, forgive, forget.'” [Read Article]
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School Shootings: Is Our Way of Life to Blame?

"Any individual mass murderer has to answer for his actions, but we’ve got to ask ourselves: 'Why there are so many of them? And why are they so angry?' ...We are highly individualistic and competitive. We’ve left behind all of the traditional social structures that gave us identities, responsibilities, communities, and a sense of belonging... The Beatles asked, 'All the lonely people, where do they all come from?' Indeed, they are everywhere. And some of them are angry." [Read Article]
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The Social Self: How Relationships Affect Our Immune System

"Somewhere in our brains we carry a map of our relationships. It is our mother’s lap, our best friend’s holding hand, our lover’s embrace — all these we carry within ourselves when we are alone. Just knowing that these are there to hold us if we fall gives us a sense of peace... Social psychologists call this sense embeddedness. The opposite is perhaps a more familiar term — we call it loneliness." [Read Article]