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Lorenzo Albacete on the Mystery of Suffering

"The cruelest response to suffering is the attempt to explain it away, to tell the one who suffers: 'This is why this is happening.'  ... Mystery's answer to suffering is always grace—a free grace that comes to us without conditions, without rationalizations, without explanations. Suffering can be relieved by the co-sufferer only when the co-sufferer can bring the suffering person into contact with grace and into the experience of being loved..." [Read Article]
Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

Death With Real Dignity: The Case Against Assisted Suicide

"[Assisted suicide] is the wrong message to send the millions fighting with great dignity against terminal diseases. It’s like telling the depressed stranger on the ledge to go ahead and jump... On behalf of people who are facing terminal illness, severe depression, or any acute suffering: Act with true compassion. Get involved in their lives. Be present in their suffering. Pray for their healing. Let the reality of death change your life. And rest assured that defending life is not merciless or judgmental—and that to endorse assisted suicide is simply to give up hope." [Read Article]