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No Simple Answers for Those Who Suffer

"When my husband recently challenged someone who said that our son's pain happened 'for a reason,' she told him that he had to keep a positive attitude. But I don't think that believing his pain is part of a plan—of God, as this person believes, or of fate—is positive. It is fatalistic. It means that it has appeared for a reason and it will go away for a reason, and there is little that can be done about it. It makes the person in pain a victim who can only suffer, like Job, who could do nothing to escape his fate." [Read Article]
Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

Thinking About God Encourages Risk-Taking

"Thoughts of God encourage risk-taking—so long as the behavior in question doesn't involve breaking moral codes. Reminders of the almighty may make one hesitate to burglarize a home, but they can inspire one to experiment with an extreme sport... Most Americans receive countless daily reminders of a benevolent protector, and this research suggests that, for better or worse, these may inspire high-risk behavior." [Read Article]
Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

The Shalom of Neurochemistry

"Oxytocin reminds us what we were created for: connection. This hormone delivers a reward, like we experience from sex or food, just for being connected to others...  We are meant to pursue monogamy, tenderly care for our children, enjoy close friendships, and maintain peace with acquaintances in our community. Oxytocin reminds us, on a chemical level, of who God is, his Trinitarian nature that is in constant communion with himself. It’s like shalom packed into a hormone." [Read Article]