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5 Ways of Coping When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

" the aftermath of his cancer diagnosis, Jimmy Carter, a devoutly religious man, has publicly relied on his faith to help him make sense of his illness... Cancer did not cause Carter nor his friends to revise their faith- in fact, it seems to have deepened it. They are hoping to understand how cancer fits into the plan for his life... 'When you get into a tough situation and you don’t know what God’s plan is, you should bow the knee.'" [Read Article]
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Discerning the Difference Between Spiritual and Psychological Problems

“Some devout Catholics see it as preferable to say they are suffering from something like the dark night of the soul, rather than to admit that they have depression and may need medication and counseling... The problem with over-spiritualizing is that you cut yourself from so many tools that psychology and even your faith could have to help you to be happy.'" [Read Article]

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Study Says Belief in Eternal Life Is Innate Not Learned

“...children struggle to imagine a time when they did not feel or desire... Our deep-seated intuitions about what constitutes the core of a person – the capacity for experiencing emotions and desires – underlies the belief in eternal life. While exposure to religion can elaborate these intuitions, as they certainly do in the case of afterlife beliefs, belief in eternal existence does not depend on being exposed to religious teachings that support these ideas." [Read Article]

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The Higher Power of the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson

"The seed of Wilson's talent may be his confidence. But his confidence is straight from God, from the reassurance that comes with the kind of belief that infiltrates Wilson's pores. Those voices in his head, the ones that began with his father whispering into his ear and became Jesus visiting him, which became his coaches inside his helmet -- those haven't let him down yet... To be Wilson is to have an utter belief that the voices you hear will never steer you wrong." [Read Article]
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A Believer Reconciles Faith and Psychology

"I had a hard time, for instance, getting over the word 'mindfulness.' I was like, 'But I am not a bleached blonde yummy mummy, and I do not balance crystals on my forehead when I get overwhelmed by yoga pants shopping, so get away from me with your mindfulness nonsense!' Well, it happens that I went in for help changing some behavior that I do out of habit, that I do without thinking, and that I do when I feel like I’m not in control of my responses. So guess what I’m working on? Mindfulness. La di dah." [Read Article]
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When This Doctor Sees God in His Patients

"Religion and medicine can make for awkward bedfellows. While many religions are based on an almighty force that is unseen, thus requiring a core belief in its existence, from the first day of medical school future doctors are taught that abnormalities, or diseases, are confirmed only when they are felt, visualized or heard. I can’t say the same about God... [But] when I am with people who are at such peace despite the enormous travails they have withstood... I feel as though I am actually seeing God. With my own two eyes." [Read Article]

Healing Perfectionism

Perfectionism, defined as a deep-seated sense of unlovableness, unworthiness or inability to ‘measure up,’ and typically accompanied by severe self-criticism, is rampant in western culture. This presentation will point out its consequences and offer a specific clinical tool for improving, and for many, completely eliminating all symptoms of the problem.