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Study Says Belief in Eternal Life Is Innate Not Learned

“...children struggle to imagine a time when they did not feel or desire... Our deep-seated intuitions about what constitutes the core of a person – the capacity for experiencing emotions and desires – underlies the belief in eternal life. While exposure to religion can elaborate these intuitions, as they certainly do in the case of afterlife beliefs, belief in eternal existence does not depend on being exposed to religious teachings that support these ideas." [Read Article]

Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

Research Says Follow Your Head More Than Your Heart

"Friends and family will likely tell you to 'listen to your heart,' as it 'knows what’s best for you.' Oprah Winfrey, too, suggests you follow your emotional inclinations rather than those logic would suggest. But is that really good advice? ...Listening to your heart is something that will more likely hurt you than not, especially if you’re under any kind of time pressure. Once you’ve had time to sort through all the factors, both rational and irrational, your judgment should be clearer." [Read Article]
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The Real Reason Parents Get Angry At Their Kids

"No child comes with a manual, and every child is unique. Feelings of inadequacy occur when we are jarred out of preconceived notions of what children need, what they should be like, or how they ought to respond to us... Feelings of inadequacy force us to stop seeing the child as a source of emotion for us and, instead, allow the needs of the child to teach us to be good parents of that unique child. Anger occurs when we blame children for doing their part in the interaction..." [Read Article]