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Why Depression and Facebook Don’t Go Together

"That October I suffered my first bout of depression in over 10 years...I tried to read books and failed; I tried to watch films and couldn’t focus for more than a few minutes at a time. My attention span, never a soldier, had shrivelled up. So I found myself clutching my phone and switching between the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter apps for hours at a time. Not to post — I couldn’t think of anything — but to consume. Yet with every double-tap on the home button, with every pull-to-refresh motion, things got worse..." [Read Article]
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Daddy-less Daughters and Depression

"...Parental rejection and childhood anxiety predict depression between a young person’s 16th birthday and his or her 21st. But gender makes a difference: consistent with other inquiries, this study finds that 'girls reported more [depression] than boys.' ...This fits hand-in-glove with the results of a 2008 study establishing that 'the effects of parental divorce . . . differ between genders in respect to the development of depression with risk increasing for girls but not for boys.” [Read Article]
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Large Survey of U.S. Adults Says Sexuality Isn’t Fluid—Kinsey Was Wrong

"3 percent of men and 2.7 percent of women in the sample were not heterosexual (gay, lesbian, or bisexual). The rest were straight. And the line between these two groups was not completely impermeable, but it was still clear... The researchers also found that mental health issues—such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, etc.—reinforced the existence of a dividing line between heterosexuality and non-heterosexuality, with straight men and women experiencing them at lower rates than their peers." [Read Article]