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Why Depression and Facebook Don’t Go Together

"That October I suffered my first bout of depression in over 10 years...I tried to read books and failed; I tried to watch films and couldn’t focus for more than a few minutes at a time. My attention span, never a soldier, had shrivelled up. So I found myself clutching my phone and switching between the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter apps for hours at a time. Not to post — I couldn’t think of anything — but to consume. Yet with every double-tap on the home button, with every pull-to-refresh motion, things got worse..." [Read Article]
Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

Daddy-less Daughters and Depression

"...Parental rejection and childhood anxiety predict depression between a young person’s 16th birthday and his or her 21st. But gender makes a difference: consistent with other inquiries, this study finds that 'girls reported more [depression] than boys.' ...This fits hand-in-glove with the results of a 2008 study establishing that 'the effects of parental divorce . . . differ between genders in respect to the development of depression with risk increasing for girls but not for boys.” [Read Article]