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Hospice Nurse: A Tender Hand In the Presence of Death

"Heather knew some people believed that bodies didn’t matter, that only the soul counted, but she believed that God had created bodies for a reason and that they mattered a lot... She wanted to make a patient more comfortable for a few hours, or at least not hurt him when she put in a needle, and sometimes a patient would thank her for being so gentle and tell her that she had a good touch. She understood now that touching itself was important, whether it healed or not; she had not realized this before she became a nurse." [Read Article]
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The Lessons of George Bell’s Lonely Death

"Rummaging through the personal effects of the dead... The work changes people, and it has changed these men. Mr. Rodriguez, 57 and divorced, has a greater sense of urgency. 'I try to build a life like it’s the last day' ...Juan Plaza, another investigator, says the solitude of so many deaths wears on him. He is 52, also divorced, and without children, but he keeps expanding his base of friends. Every day, he sends them motivational Instagram messages: 'With each sunrise, may we value every minute'; 'Be kind, smile to the world and it will smile back'; 'Share your life with loved ones'; 'Love, forgive, forget.'” [Read Article]
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Death With Real Dignity: The Case Against Assisted Suicide

"[Assisted suicide] is the wrong message to send the millions fighting with great dignity against terminal diseases. It’s like telling the depressed stranger on the ledge to go ahead and jump... On behalf of people who are facing terminal illness, severe depression, or any acute suffering: Act with true compassion. Get involved in their lives. Be present in their suffering. Pray for their healing. Let the reality of death change your life. And rest assured that defending life is not merciless or judgmental—and that to endorse assisted suicide is simply to give up hope." [Read Article]