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A Dad’s Wedding Letter to His Daughter with Down’s Syndrome

"Do you remember all the stuff they said you’d never do? ...You wouldn’t ride a two-wheeler or play sports. You wouldn’t go to college. You certainly wouldn’t get married. Now… look at you... Someone who is able to live a life of empathy and sympathy, and without agendas or guile, is someone we all want to know. It worked out for you, because of the person you are." [Read Article]
Mind & Spirit - Daily Read

Love is a Choice More than a Feeling

"Staying in love takes a commitment. After the rosy glow of the new relationship wears off, we have to make a decision ... We choose to see the good, ignore the petty, look for what we could do for our partner, and remember why we love our partner. Choosing to put in the effort to do these things is what love looks like, and with that work comes the wonderful reward of staying in love." [Read Article]