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4 Ways Christians Can Respond to the Oregon Shootings

"We are not wrong when we ask why God might allow tragedies to happen, but we must find faith in the one who holds it all in his hands... This is cloudy and difficult for us, as it should be—we should never be comfortable with the ever present reality of evil and its fruit. But we must remember who has ultimate authority. God is always at work in the darkness. His sometimes silence should not be interpreted as apathy or disinterest." [Read Article]
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Are Private Revelations Making You Anxious?

"If you find yourself fearful, consumed with worry, unsure how to prepare, unable to sleep, you need to stop reading all this stuff and get back to reading the Bible and the Spiritual classics... Focus on God’s power, how He intervened in the Old Testament for His people. Remember His mercies and His love for us. Get to know Jesus in a more personal way as your savior, as your friend. Take His mother as your own. Be not afraid but trust. As St. Padre Pio, a modern mystic and saint said so well “'Pray, hope [trust], and don’t worry.'” [Read Article]
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Is Christian Teaching on Sexuality Psychologically Harmful?

"Savin-Williams explains that teens who come out to their Christian parents are generally treated just as well, if not better, than kids who come out to other types of parents. In fact, he finds that it is often parents’ Christian theology that contributes to a caring—though often difficult and awkward—interaction and navigation through this news... [T]here is typically a promise of unconditional love and comfort for the child, even while the parents themselves wobble through coming to terms with this startling news." [Read Article]