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Death With Real Dignity: The Case Against Assisted Suicide

"[Assisted suicide] is the wrong message to send the millions fighting with great dignity against terminal diseases. It’s like telling the depressed stranger on the ledge to go ahead and jump... On behalf of people who are facing terminal illness, severe depression, or any acute suffering: Act with true compassion. Get involved in their lives. Be present in their suffering. Pray for their healing. Let the reality of death change your life. And rest assured that defending life is not merciless or judgmental—and that to endorse assisted suicide is simply to give up hope." [Read Article]
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Liberty Students Survive Bernie Sanders Visit Without Psychological Trauma

"Liberty University must have been an incredibly unsafe place. Many, if not most, of its students deeply believe that abortion is murder. And here was a speaker who … was, from their point of view, in favor of mass murder. And yet they let him talk respectfully, they asked him questions, and it seemed like everyone was able to have a civil conversation..." [Read Article]
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God Knows, and Google Doesn’t: Lessons from the Ashley Madison Hack

"…We hide nothing from God. Ironically, the Internet, in becoming such a powerful force in our lives, illustrates this—albeit as a mere idol. But the avatar person constructed by the idol god is not, ultimately, our true self, the one knit together in a mother’s womb by a Creator God… Human beings are so much more screwed up, collectively speaking, than we care to admit. But we are also so much more beloved than we might dare to believe." [Read Article]
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Why We Should Stop Calling Kim Davis a Hypocrite

"To insist that we only affirm standards that we can achieve with perfect consistency is, in effect, to drastically lower those standards... It's a license for us to go easy on ourselves: to aim low and succeed. In such a world, we might all respect each other's rights, but no one would strive to accomplish great, rare, exacting moral deeds. I'd much rather live in a world filled with hypocrites. " [Read Article]
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Charlotte Bronte’s Response to an Atheist was Right On

Was Charlotte's Bronte's instinctual response to atheism naive? Maria Popova thinks so. She's wrong: "It is the first exposition of avowed atheism and materialism I have ever read... one would wish entirely to put aside the sort of instinctive horror they awaken, and to consider them in an impartial spirit and collected mood. This I find difficult to do. The strangest thing is, that we are called on to rejoice over this hopeless blank — to receive this bitter bereavement as great gain — to welcome this unutterable desolation as a state of pleasant freedom. Who could do this if he would? Who would do this if he could?" [Read Article]
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8 Movies That Powerfully Depict Living With Mental Illness

Depictions of living with mental illness in movies are a mixed bag. For every portrait of depression that's nuanced and realistic, there's Glenn Close boiling a bunny in Fatal Attraction... That's what makes the movies that get it right all the more valuable. They're neither wholly positive or negative, just as living with mental illness has ebbs and flows. They're striking portraits, and examples of what we need more of in Hollywood. Here are eight that stand out as exemplary of their form. [Read Article]
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Crying Out in Anger and Hope

"As followers of Christ, we must have a distinct voice, one that does not cry out only in  anger, but also with hope and forgiveness... At the same time that the Gospel calls unethical exploiters to justice, it also offers forgiveness and redemption to these same people who have committed such atrocities against humanity. Judging the world with self-righteousness is an empty endeavor; we must confront such evils with the full power of the Gospel." [Read Article]

The Healing Power of Beauty: Surprising Psychological Benefits

What do the experience of beauty and positive mental health have in common? Everything! Whether found in nature, art or people, the ability to experience beauty provides significant therapeutic qualities. In this seminar based on doctoral-level research, Dr. Margaret Laracy discusses how attentiveness to beauty can benefit both the client and the therapist in a variety of ways.